VHR Management – HOA

Homeowner Association Accounting

You volunteer your time to ensure that the Association is fiscally and professionally managed, either self-managed or through a property management company. You want to ensure that the financial information that is presented to the ownership is accurate. There are many bookkeepers that can make entries, but ensuring the entries are in compliance with CCIOA, Fund Accounting, and GAAP is what you need.

I have been preparing Association financial statements for 30 years. I understand the correct classification of Reserve Funds, Accounting for multi-million dollar capital projects, and proper and accurate daily entries so that if you engage periodic Audits everything will be in order. Customer service is always a priority, treating homeowners and vendors with complete respect.

I have limited clients and will always keep it that way to ensure that you receive quality and timely courteous communication. I use QuickBooks Online (Certified), but I am skilled in a wide variety of software and will accommodate you as well as make the transition to QBO if you desire. I use a flat fee rate structure so that you know exactly what you are being charged monthly for your budget. You choose only the services you need and can change at any time.

Your financial information is prepared in a report that provides all the standard reports, but also includes an executive summary so that the treasurer can present a concise and clear presentation of the Association’s financial health. I am available to attend Board and Annual Meetings as needed.

Thank you for taking the time to review my services. Please feel free to call or email for more information. I have a BS in Accounting and have been doing HOA accounting in Vail since 1997.